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And the imposition of a specific tax system , AAMS has now found a way to regulate the Wild West of a time making the world safe casinos a reality and no longer confined to the "grayness" of a regulatory time. In case you arrived on this page with the intention to try one of the rooms of casino.

We invite you to take a look at this list of conference AAMS available for  players in full compliance with Italian law. In our site you can find only legal and safe casino with AAMS license, issued by the Italian State Monopoly.

Trying to be more realistic, therefore, we believe that the best way to recognize a legal casino site is the fact of being able to put together two important elements such as the logo of AAMS on the pages of casino room and the room itself in the ranking of this page.

If you do not want to browse the list of official dealers complex on the site of the AAMS, you should take into account the links to reviews published at the beginning of the page, since we casino online of we review and offer only rooms Legal - without no exception.

For all players online, it is essential to know that the online casino they decide to open an account are safe - and it is noted that all the rooms offer different methods of protection. Some use special encryption software to protect personal and financial information (and in this regard we remind you to never put the details of your credit card.

As the advantages of online casinos are quite obvious when put in black-on-white as this page, you still have to keep in mind that the practice offers a reality by reading a lot more complex due to the ingenuity of some dishonest operators to indisputable salt illegal . When are we going to find a casino, which is a first for us, or a room where alternative amuse every now and then, it is possible that the large selection of sites likely to mislead our judgment a little and leave a little 'confused.