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The casino craps game , two dice are thrown and players will bet on the result. The result is the total number of tracks on the upper face of the dice. The players bet against the house and not against each other . The layout of the craps table shows the different regions where the different types of bets to be placed. The player who throws the dice is the shooter . Before the dice are thrown , the players have to bet . The first roll of each round is called the "come out" roll . If the result of the "come out" roll 2 , 3 , 7, 11 or 12 , the round is over but the same player remains the shooter.

If the result is a different number , then that number is "the point" . The shooter continues to throw the dice until the result is a 7 or " point" . If the result is 7 , then the round is over and the player to the left of the shooter .If the result is "the point" then the round but also passed the same player remains the shooter. The new shooter throws a new pair of dice . The game of craps manager , also known as the " stickman " gives the new shooter five dice which he chooses two . During the throw shooter bounces the dice against the opposite wall . If there is a dice falls off the table , that does not count . The shooter then chooses another die from the remaining three of the stickman .

Craps has a large number of bets . Some bets are decided in a single roll . Other bets are decided after a number of throws . If the predicted result comes out, then the player is paid according to the payout table , otherwise he loses his bet . The simplest bets are those that predict the outcome of each roll . Some of those bets have special names . " Yo " bets predict that the result will be 11 and "Ace Deuce " bets predict that the result will be a three (one one one die and a 2 on the other ) . " Craps" bet predicting that the result is a 2 , 3 or 12 will be.

Other bets predict different throws. The "Pass Line " and "Do not pass" are an example of this . If the result of the "come out" roll a 7 or 11 is winning the "Pass Line " bet and lose the "Do not pass " bets . If the result is 2 , 3 or 12 , you win the " Do not pass " bets lose and the "Pass Line " bet . If a point is defined in the "come out" roll then both bets transferred . The shooter continues to roll until the result is a 7 or the point . If the item is first thrown , then win the "Pass Line " bet and if there is only a 7 is rolled , you win the " Do not pass " bets . After each throw the losing bets are removed from the table and won the bets will be paid according to the pay table . The bets that have not yet decided are transferred together with the newly placed bets.