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History of Bingo

When Italy was unified in 1530, created a lottery. This weekly lottery became a popular event every Saturday, which has meant that, since then, have been counted the weeks that the event was held.

By the year 1778, the event crossed borders, coming to France, where he liked and was modified, reaching more like what we know today as lottery. The cartons were divided into 3 horizontal rows and vertical rows 9. About the year 1800, the popularity of the lottery-based games grew and spread throughout Europe. Variations of the game were created cutting education to help, through play, learn to play, for example to spell, or memorize multiplication tables. You can now play bingo at and you can make some handsome money.

What in your day began as the Italian lottery, eventually calling in America, through a German traveling carnival. the promoter of the carnival, could see the entertainment value that had the game, and had a dedicated circus tent in this game, making certain changes in the game to simplify it. For example, it allowed complete lines vertically, horizontally and even diagonally. In addition, we changed the name to "Beano". While his company was traveling through Atlanta, about 1929, a game salesman, Edwin S. Lowe, visited the fair at an early hour, to exit a trade visit, and found that only Beano store was open and full of players, so that it was impossible to play the game, but I could appreciate the caused excitement and fun that people from the audience.

Lowe immediately could see the potential of the game to become popular and make money. When he returned to his home in New York, he created his own version of the Beano with some cardboard and a few grains of beans. She invited her friends to her house to try the game, proving that they too amused many, same people at the fair. During the game, one player accidentally shouted "Bingo!" And liked the name.