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For lovers of online poker and for those who are always looking for the most innovative machines and 'vanguard was created in the new portal entirely dedicated to video poker online. The portal has been prepared by professionals in the game and fans of online casino games, judgments are dispassionate and truthful information, a good source for those who want to approach the world of online gaming and also for professionals who want to improve their skills or want to know which is the latest trend in the world of online gambling.

The portal video poker is a valid site full of information, tips, tricks and strategies on poker network. In fact, to play video poker wrong, or those who pay very little and rarely, they could be a risky choice and very expensive, so choose the machine you want to play without investing real money should benefit, at least initially, the free online video poker offered by all the major online casinos.

Playing free also you have the opportunity to improve their strategies. Therefore, if you are also curious about this exciting world, and want to know more you discover what tricks and strategies you can use when you play at online poker and start winning like the pros!

Video poker is what can be described as an evolution of poker as we know it. This is basically a hybrid between traditional poker and slot machines, reported by the screen of a PC, where the human factor characteristic of the first discipline disappears, leaving the player to deal with the automatic system of your computer.

A session begins with the distribution of video poker five cards to the player. The player can choose to change any of these cards to try and get a better score than the initial one. When he concluded his maneuvers on the cards it's time the show down or shows his cards and compares them with those of the bank.

If he wins he is given a percentage sum, in addition to his bet, otherwise your money will be lost. The video poker online casino no claim then a big dose of talent or discipline, but at the same time is not only based on luck.