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Below you can find a complete guide to the game of online blackjack with rules, tricks and tips interesting strategy game. Our staff then also tested the offer blackjack included in all the rooms of casinos legal in Italy so that you can immediately find out what are the rooms that excel in blackjack and why we are convinced that some casino room are best suited to lovers of black jack online than others; to review the results of our analysis and find out which rooms to play, please visit this page.

Blackjack is a very simple game to learn, given that the fundamental skill required by this title is to learn how to add points, with the aim of obtaining a hand as close to 21 as possible, without going over, and that in any case get a higher score than the dealer's hand.

Since it is over the quota of 21 points involves the forfeiture of the player - regardless of what the dealer has in his hand - the game requires those who sit at the blackjack table to use some strategy in order to avoid the risk of lose all your chips bankroll too quickly.

Wanting to try to discuss what are the benefits of a fast-paced game such as blackjack online, you have no doubt mention the fact that - apart blackjack tournaments - the games you always play with only two players at the table.

A similar composition of games offers an attractive option for beginners of the game because, on the one hand they are not forced to come up against professional players ready to take advantage of each of their error, the other games of blackjack with live dealers present in some rooms offer to those who have less experience the chance to talk to the dealer and learn all the secrets of blackjack asking questions to those who live this game as a real profession. Obviously it is, to play blackjack with a chance of winning is important to know the value of each card in the deck. In blackjack the ace can count as 11 to 1 (the choice of its value is up to you), face cards as 10 and the other cards are worth their number.